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Rules dating your neighbor

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It's kind of like extended dormitory living – each day is like the first day of college but with the adult rules of a kibbutz.And just when you think your love life has hit rock bottom, you get stuck in the elevator on the way down to the laundry room, only this time it's with the cute new neighbor from down the hall. It's one of those rare beautiful encounters that keep our hearts faithful.

When you’re regularly sleeping with someone and there’s absolutely no-one else on the horizon, you’re going to start fantasising about cooking dinner together and going for walks in the park and winning shit prizes on Hook-A-Duck at suburban fun fairs.Even though you won’t be boffing your BFF, you need to think of your FWB as you would a proper mate. When you’re ready to move back to the world of cuddles and sofas and stand up fights in Ikea, let them know. The next one might not be The One, and if it doesn’t work out you’re going to need a good friend.Living in a high rise apartment building has certain advantages, especially if you are single and looking for love.It’s best to avoid shagging people who are your actual friends.If you have set up an ‘arrangement’ with a mate and not ended up dating, falling for each other, breaking up and spending the subsequent six months walking around like sad drunk zombies I would LOVE to know how it’s done. It’s for my, er, friend.)Don’t Be Shy When you’re dating someone you really like, the magic doesn’t always happen straight away.The whole point of having an FWB is that you don’t care what your “friend” thinks of your Spiderman duvet cover or Hello Kitty knickers.

There is no need to check that you’ve removed your vibrator from under the pillow or that there are no empty packets of Monster Munch under the bed.

Based on the statistics, more than twenty one percent of survey respondents confirmed that they had been involved with someone living in the same building.

Partnering up with someone on the same premises has positives: you start off sharing similar lifestyle preferences, help is but a few steps away and loneliness can be cured at the press of a button.

You’re not there for a long time, you’re there for a good time, and as long as everyone is happy and consenting than you can do whatever the hell you want.

If you want to be buggered with a spirit level by someone wearing an Ann Widdecombe mask you damn well ask for it.

Nor is it an alternative to, ahem, spunking all your money on Kleenex and Duracel.