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General District Court Judge Marcus Brinks sent all of the charges against Purcell forward, including first-degree murder, robbery, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony and possession/transportation of a firearm by a convicted violent felon.During Thursday’s hearing, Purcell’s lawyer, Harold Slate II, asked the judge to reject any testimony from two of the commonwealth’s witnesses.

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She testified that she, Damian and others were hanging out in that bedroom on the night in question.“When I opened the door I could hear him say, ‘Where is it?’ I shut my door back and locked it,” she testified.She said Dowling explained why she initially gave a false statement to law enforcement – she was scared for the lives of the people in the home.Henson also said that Dowling identified Purcell as the man who fatally shot her boyfriend and that Laura Ferrell identified Purcell as the man who pointed a gun at her.When Slate asked her about that discrepancy, Dowling said the eye area of the person in the photo lineup was similar to Purcell’s eyes, and the eyes were what she focused on.

Dowling pointed to Purcell at least twice in court Thursday in identifying the man who shot her boyfriend and said she was 100 percent certain Purcell was that man.

At a previous court hearing, Dowling testified multiple guns were on the bed.

At one point, Purcell pulled out a small gun, like a .22 that could fit in his palm, and fired a shot, then told Damian, “Give me the money and drugs,” and fired seven or eight more shots, Dowling testified.

At one point, Malik Galloway texted Damian Ferrell’s phone saying he was coming over to buy “weed” (marijuana) from Damian, Dowling testified. or 12 a.m., a vehicle arrived at the home, and then Galloway, Scales, and Goddard (all of whom she and Damian knew) and a man she didn’t know (who she now identifies as Purcell) came into the home and into or near their bedroom, she testified.

Dowling said a rifle, a clip for the gun and her wallet (which had personal identification and $5) were lying on the bed.

On Thursday, Laura Ferrell identified Purcell as the man who pointed a gun at her.